We value treating people with respect, kindness and fairness.

We value diversity.  The more diversity of perspective and experience that we can bring to our work, the more likely we will produce thoughtful, rounded and effective responses to the opportunities and challenges that face us.  We value diversity for its intrinsic and instrumental benefits.

We value human-centred problem-solving.  People are at the heart of our consulting, and we work with clients to consider the best ways to treat people throughout our projects.

We value an ethical and environmentally sensitive approach in our professional endeavours. We work only with individuals and organisations whom we believe want to treat people and the environment well.

Above all, we value arts and education as vital parts of a healthy society. Both allow us to understand, celebrate and challenge ourselves, and both work as windows or mirrors to worlds of possibilities.

We believe that the arts are key to promoting the value of diversity, inclusion and imaginative problem-solving.  With this in mind, we often provide pro bono (free) support to early career arts practitioners, and each year we donate to an arts organisation’s fundraising campaign.  Our last donation was to Clean Break theatre company’s 2022 Big Give Christmas appeal, to support their Members’ futures.